A strong blend of high grown teas suitable for hard waters.

A blend of selected high grown teas for an invigorating cup of breakfast tea

A mellow green tea prepared according to traditional Chinese manufacturing techniques, offers this tea rich in polyphenols and anti-oxidants that help reduce radicals in the human body.

A delicate blend of green tea with a mellow light cup manufactured according to traditional Japanese methods produces this special blend suitable for soothing your nerves at the end of a stressful day.

Product Category: Black and Green Tea in Tea Bags

DUBAI TEA CENTRE مركز دبي للشاي

The Finest Tea in Every Sip

Pure natural chamomile flowers from special plantations in Greece and Egypt are reputed to have nerve soothing characteristics with natural presence of Vitamin C. Our chamomile tea bags are flavour sealed in string and tag tea bags, packed in laminated foil sachet.