Mellow green tea as each leaf is tightly rolled in a pellet that explodes during infusion tha has penetrating taste.

It is made from basic black tea leaves combined with the oil extracted from the rind of orange bergamot fruit.

Smooth flavourful Green Tea with a gentle hint of Jasmine

A combination of spicy cinnamon with the bright , full taste of Ceylon black tea.

Black tea blended with Jasmine Flowers, to produce exquisite sweet cup Jasmine Tea with a light lingering fresh scent .

A sweet aromatic blend of Black Tea and Rose petals.

Product Category: Black and Green Tea Leaves

A heavenly combination of peaches and apricots with Ceylon black tea.

A delicious blend of natural fruits and spices that brews up a mouth watering cup of tea

Japanese green tea with tightly rolled, needle-shaped leaves. The tea is bright in color with a clean finish and a taste somewhat reminiscent of seaweed.

Infusing the flavor and aroma of  apple mixed with Ceylon black tea.

An orange Pekoe Tea blend made up of delicate, well twisted buds from Nuwara Eliya region offering this exclusive tea suitable for those who prefer a delicate cup of tea for special moments of relaxation.

A perfect blend of Munish tea in pet bottle. The original recipe yields a balanced cup with a medium body and brisk character.

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The Finest Tea in Every Sip

A delicate, fragrant and light liquoring brew from the highest peaks of the hill country, 6,000 ft. to 9,000 ft. above sea level. Ideal to serve with slice of lemon or crushed ice as an ice tea.

Grown in the misty mountains at 5,500 ft., these teas produce a bright flavoury cup enjoyed with milk.

A strong  and distinctly aromatic unique flavor grown in misty eastern hills. It brightens ones mood’.