This refreshing and soothing herbal drink helps calm both the body and mind. Peppermint better known for its soothing effects on the stomach is a herb recommended for relieving indigestion and flatulence along with rich Polyphenol rich green tea which have anti oxidant properties that promote overall healthy living.

This pleasant tasting herbal tea will keep you stimulated and refreshed throughout the day. Green Tea rich in anti-oxidant properties along with ginger a pleasant, pungent herb that aids in digestion come together to provide a refreshing and enjoyable herbal drink.

Ginger has for centuries been recognized for its medicinal properties. This pleasantly pungent herb aids in digestion, helps purify the blood and is known for its aphrodisiac properties. Ginger has a warning effect that is invigorating and refreshing . This lively herbal drink assures to give you so much drinking pleasure.

Hibiscus, naturally caffeine free is a refreshing herbal drink. Slightly lemony in flavor, its unmistakable red color and sweet fruity taste are its distinctive characteristics. Hibiscus blossoms helps prevent dehydration and is rich in vitamin C . This popular herbal drink with its cooling properties is certain to take the stress out of your day.

Chamomile is recognized worl over for its healing power and numerous health benefits. Mae from dried Chamomile flowers this pleasant tasting herbal drink is soothing refreshing and relaxing , promoting overall good health. It is ideal as a nightcap after a stressful day. Enjoy the healing goodness of the little white flower known as Chamomile.

Native to Sri Lanka, Cinnamon has naturally warm fragrance, a sweet woody taste and an exotic spicy flavor. Cinnamon helps the body muscles to relax while Ginger with its spicy taste is known to aid indigestion and purify the blood. Together you have a pleasant tasting herbal drink that promotes overall well being.

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Pure natural chamomile flowers from special plantations in Greece and Egypt are reputed to have nerve soothing characteristics with natural presence of Vitamin C. Our chamomile tea bags are flavour sealed in string and tag tea bags, packed in laminated foil sachet.

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A great gift or souvenir. Tea bags in wooden boxes with hand crafted art design of the famous landmarks and traditions of the United Arab Emirates .

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