Clover Honey is light in color with a delicate floral bouquet and flavor. It is offered in both creamed and liquid forms peoviding both the ease of use of sweetening drinks, baking etc., with liquid and the thick creamy texture for use as a spread for bread.

Viper Bugloss honey has a delicate flavour with “chewy” texture. Hint: keep this in the refrigerator and you have a natural chewy snack for kids of all ages.

Rich and malty, this honey is full bodied yet not very strong and has a beautiful burnished amber hue. Rewa rewa is premium variety. A hint of rustic woolsheds pervades the complex aroma. This is great natural sweetener for hot drinks.

Honeydew nectar is produced from small insect living in the the bark of two of New Zealands beech forest, mostly black beech (black from sooty mould growing on the surplus nectar covering the trunks and branches) and to a lesser extent, reed beech . In the early morning sunlight, the droplets of nectar glisten like the morning dew, giving the name honeydew. Honeybees gather this nectar to produce honeydew, a process carry out in many countries.

A full flavour and aroma, heady, also pungent, malty. A thick red amber honey ang one of our strongest flavoured. Great in marinades to give a richness to barbeque or roasts. Full of mineral goodness . A typical trait of honey dews.

A unique blend of New Zealand’s nectar sources. This is a mild, yet distinctive flavour to suit all palates.

Product Category: Natural Honeys

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